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I am Antoinette,

I was Born in St.Vincent and The Grenadines but moved to Brooklyn New York at age 13, raised by my Mom and grew up with my Brother. Growing up as a teenager I walk around with a smile on my face and while running into family or friends I have the most positive words of encouragement. Growing up around my friends and family I always felt different and always felt misunderstood. Life for me has not always been  easy but I never gave up , I just kept on going, the pandemic came and it was a very sad and depressing times for most of us , or all of us went through. Some lost Family Members, Spouse’s and colleagues, it was honestly scary for me. But I thank God for letting my family and friends got through this time and the people around the world who also made it . Some Months pass and I got the opportunity to go to Miami to work with the same company, I didn’t know what to expect but I was happy to venture off into such fun and exciting place. I took the leap and here I am almost a year and a half later. Being in a sunshine state I felt more at home , I discovered a lot about myself that I didn’t know. One day I decided to get me some art supplies and started to draw and paint, honestly it’s  the best feeling in the world . Every evening after work I would go home and get dress to go for a run and back home to shower , have my Green Tea and paint while listening to Anita Baker Album. I would then get up and dance around the house feeling like I was at the most Fanciest restaurant out of this world with just all happy faces. Some people would look at me as if I have the easiest life , but what they see is my perseverance and faith wrapped up in strength. Over the years I have worked for companies giving my 1000% and it was never reciprocated, but I kept on giving my best each and everyday not for them but to sharpen my own knowledge and skills. Sometimes you might be in a job and you might ask yourself what you’re doing there? But you must understand that God is testing you to see how strong you are as he is preparing you for something better. The biggest word ever for me this year is PATIENCE, and that has been some what hard for me in some past years but today you ask me what’s all I got ?IS PATIENCE, because you just got to WAIT YOUR TURN , have faith and trust the process. My Golden Expression Art is to inspire women ,Men and the younger generation of the world as they see my struggles as well as my joy through my painting and to never give up on your dreams.